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The Misuse Of Drugs In Higher Institutions

College campuses face widespread issues like heavy drinking, prescription substance overuse, and recreational drug consumption.

A national report shows that a huge number of abusers are college students.

These college students are the population ages 18-24 who were exposed to greater chances of addiction.

Adjusting to college life can be very stressful and overwhelming to some. The temptation to consume alcohol is strong primarily because students overwhelmingly believe that alcohol makes it easier for them to socialise. A good number of pupils falls into dependence of drugs and booze after these become part of a habitual form of enjoying life.

It is surprising to know that students enrolled to attend college full time are 2x more likely to become addicts or drug abusers compared to those who are out of school.

Reasons Why College Pupils Revert To Drugs

There are many reasons why so many college students become addicted to drugs and alcohol

  • Stress
  • There are many activities in colleges such as internships, exams and social life that can exert some pressure to students causing them to resort to using drugs.
  • Course Work
  • A large number of students turn to stimulants, like Adderall, so that they can work for longer hours at a stretch to submit assignments on time.
  • These prescription medications are usually obtained without a legitimate prescription in most cases.
  • Being Interested In Something New
  • It is a common habit among college students to explore the new aspects of life both in personal and professional realms.
  • Many students start using drugs to satisfy their curiosity about these things.
  • Social Pressure
  • Students who are part of a peer group in which many people use recreational drugs are more susceptible to use drugs.

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Eating Abnormalities And Dieting Pills In College

Students in colleges are more susceptible to eating disorders than others.

National Institute of Mental Health pegged that 1 in 4 college students suffers eating disorders. It has increasingly been observed that this statistic is substantially growing among students in the last couple of years. In order to cut down weight, many college pupils opt for diet tablets overuse. This has the potential to cause severe health problems up to and including death. Find out more about eating disorders and diet pill abuse on college campuses.

Types Of Drugs Found In Higher Institutions

There is no drug available with the immunity for college experimentation, and this is simply because trends have been changing constantly over a period of time.

A few substances, however, have been abused constantly by college students. Below are few of them on college campuses

  • Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in college campuses.
  • Having a drink is often believed to be socially acceptable and recognising a problem among college students who are abusing alcohol can be difficult.
  • Adderall also has the nickname of being a "study drug" and this medication along with some other stimulants is increasingly becoming popular with college students who are facing the pressure to meet all their academic requirements.
  • Many students are using Marijuana as talks about legalizing it are becoming popular.
  • Other states even have campuses tallying increased use of cannabis as opposed to alcohol.
  • MDMA or molly is the pure form of ecstasy, this is a drug that was very popular in the 90s, and has recently been making its way back.
  • It is relatively accessible among college students as a party drug, and they are more likely to use this drug as they fall under the target age range for this drug abuse.
  • MDMA is highly popular at concerts and rave parties.

How Alcohol Affects Students

A majority of students in the higher institutions use liquor. Drinking alcohol is extremely common in campus, as it is a part of every house party, student parties, and celebrations.

It is observed that the average college students consume more alcohol that their out of school counterparts which can be attributed to the culture and widespread use in campuses.

Four out of five college students consume alcohol during their time in college.

Nearly 50% of all students who consume alcohol have reportedly resorted to binge drinking according to a document published by the National Institute On Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Binge drinking causes severe health damage over a period of time, but it also contributes to immediate mishaps like accidents and violent fights. Get more info about heavy drinking and the symptoms of booze on college campuses.

Greek Life And Overuse

There are many different fraternities in colleges, each of which encourages its members to have friendly relations with other members and to seek excellence in academia and other spheres, but Greek system, with all its good points, has more cases of alcohol and drug abuse than others.

Members of a Greek system abuse drugs more than other students.

Look For Support For Drug Or Alcohol Addiction

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