How Long is The Treatment Process? before-rehab

Understanding The Length Of Rehab

The length of treatment differs from person to person, instead you should focus on the results of your treatment and seeing to your soberness. The sound of getting a help or treatment can be stressful if you are an addict. You might be afraid of how your family or friends will react about your addiction, how much the treatment will cost, and which length of rehab you should take. Each and every type of addiction is unique and therefore methods for treatment are different. There are a number of options when it comes to treatment according to your personal preferences.

Understanding that your path to becoming free of drug use is bound to be unique compared to how other individuals achieve theirs is very crucial.

Below is the conventional duration of most remedial schemes

  • 30 day program
  • Two Month Scheme
  • 90-day program
  • Extended programs, which include soberness centres and halfway houses

When picking a program your focus should be on what offers the best chance for a full and long term recovery. The general time that addicts take to be clean is at least three months. After that, it will be better to take a plan to maintain the drug free life.

History reveals that the best results happen with longer terms of treatment. Longer periods of treatment may initially appear daunting but they often ends up delivering the best outcomes.

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The Treatment Process

Different type of treatment programs are provided through medical facilities depending on the expanse of the addiction. It is important that you should be aware of the procedure and the actual outcome from it.

Your body's chemical composition and properties as well as the connections of your brain have changed while you were addicted as you have grown to rely on the drug. Because of the changed body and brain system, it may take a while to be completely recovered. Allowing yourself time and remaining positive about the process of treatment makes it more effective.

Every program gives its own benefit. Keep it in mind that it is all for your own good.

Advantages Of The 30 Day Program

The 30 day program is an excellent way to begin treatment. It is not possible to estimate the duration you need to be in training so this will offer an opportunity to assess if you need a program that is longer or not.

The program provides you time to cope up with the withdrawal symptoms that will occur. It will also strengthen you with the relapse prevention techniques.

The program will also be an opportunity to determine a means of treatment and future care after the treatment ends. Committing to a 30 day program is easy as it is the shortest duration recommended at rehab. In many cases it is also cheaper than other options and most insurance companies usually cover this kind of program.

A 60-Day Program's Advantages

A 60 day program has the advantage of extra time and support through treatment. With a 60-day program, you have time to rid your body of the toxic substances that you have become addicted to and there is also time to complete therapy sessions that will help you sort out any behavioural, situational or family-related factors that possibly played a part in your addiction.

Aside the sufficient time provided for the detoxification exercise, you commence taking an optimistic approach to your welfare with your arranged routine. While most insurance companies may not fully cover the 60 day program, many rehab clinics have payment plans which let you make smaller installments each month.

The Benefits Of A 90-Day Program

At first thought, it might be frightening to consider the idea of the two-month remedial scheme. The study has proven that the amount of time you spend for treatment improves the rate of recovery success. So it is recommended to get a longer period treatment.

The 90 day program is the most successful program compared to the 30 day one and 60 day one.

This program involves several stages such as intake and assessment, detoxification, therapy, self help groups and setting up of aftercare programs. The ample time allowed to get used to a life without substance abuse makes the scheme a good idea. During this session of treatment, you will also be equipped with the skills to resist any drugs temptation. Besides of resisting any relapse, you will be able to notice anything that could make you come back to drug. Users who battle with a serious or long-standing addiction are recommended to follow a 90-day program.

Choices For Extended Care

There are times when extended care is required after the 90 day program or you may be in need of getting into a more organized environment at home while cementing your soberness.

There are more programs where you can get yourself into an environment of sober living. A sober living home is an inexpensive alcohol and drug free place where you will get support from the people around you to work on your plan towards recovery.

In other to avoid a relapse and survive the outside world with dexterity, or you probably are not ready to go out to the outside world this might be a scheme to indulge in.

Getting Assistance For Your Addiction

You are special in every way and you have the right to live a better life. There is no exact answer to how long one needs to take rehabilitation programs. Everyone's need is different.

Do not focus on the duration of the treatment while you are receiving treatment, instead concentrate on your recovery. Avoid letting doubts about the duration of a remedial session hinder you from getting the assistance and healing you require.

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