Staying Sober After Rehab after-rehab

From The Treatment Centre And Back To Reality

It is more difficult remaining abstinent for long even after doing a great work to reach the level of abstinence. Setting up goals and developing new hobbies are a few methods that can be used during the effort to stay sober.

An atmosphere with good social backing that enables users to maintain abstinence by encouragement of security and contentment is the rehabilitation centre.

A rehab centre not only gives you a great chance to achieve sobriety but also equips you with knowledge, tools, and strategies to stay sober once you are back in the real world.

Getting back to normal life sometimes becomes challenging after a person leaves the rehab clean.

It is possible for you to attain prevention and coping with the initiators by getting to know them well. Abstinence maintenance is made less difficult by this fact.

Handling The Desires To Use When Out Of Rehab

The change to normal life after living in a rehab is something that is hard for many people.

One constantly gets more desires to use the drugs after they have left rehab.

Company of old acquaintances, being in the midst of old surroundings, and specific emotions might lure you into reaching out for the substance to which you were earlier addicted to.

In order to prevent and deal with promoters of relapse after rehabilitation, the following can be done

  • Joining Support Groups
  • Surrounding yourselves with sober people along with people who could have your best interests at heart and want to provide you the help needed to become successful.
  • Whenever you are faced with enticement, you should look for a person or meeting around you that is accessible.
  • Modify Your Environment
  • After leaving the facility and before reaching home, you should be asking a loved one or an individual you trust to discard any paraphernalia from your place.
  • Don't go near places which make you want to use the addicted substance again.
  • Set Objectives For Your Future
  • Some support the idea that setting objectives or new plans for the future could help you become stronger in resisting urges or temptations.
  • It will be easier for you to remain on track when you have understood the reasons why you want to stay composed along with all the benefits the sobriety can bring into your life.
  • Religiously Attend Post-Rehab Treatment Schedules
  • Make sure that you continue going for counselling even after you have left the rehab.
  • Always keep in mind that the experience and information you will get from your counsellors will equip you with skills and coping mechanisms that you may not figure on your own.
  • Find a reason every day to be thankful for the accomplishment you have achieved.
  • Becoming aware of the good things in your life will make you realize that you are indeed lucky, and then you wouldn't want to throw them away.
  • Consider beginning a journal of gratitude and write down five moments every day that made you feel happy and fulfilled.
  • Replace Old Bad Habits With New Healthy Habits
  • The European Journal of Social Psychology reported on a study indicating that people require at least 60 days to form a habit so it is important to start a new one as soon as possible.

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Join Clean Activities Rather Than Using Addictive Substances

It is critical that you replace your old habits with new positive habits, which will be helpful during the recovery.

Activities which promote sobriety do not have to be boring because there is plenty of fun, which can be had without the use of drugs and alcohol.

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The following are some of the things you can take part in

  • Workout
  • Meditation
  • Sports
  • Studying
  • Spending time in museum
  • Join online classes
  • Learn a new language
  • Take up farming
  • Volunteer work

Seek Outlets That Provide A Community Sense

After leaving the rehab, there are many support group that you can register with and continue being clean. Become part of such a group by enrolling into a support group and group therapy.

The 12 stages programs, counselling sessions and Narcotics Anonymous are some of the support groups that you can join today.

Chances Of Partying And Going To Bars Without Touching Alcohol

It may be challenging for a person who has just left rehab to resist the temptation to drink a little when they are in a bar. When you are in a place where access to drinks or other possible substances is uninhibited, then you may just well forget about sobriety.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you will find yourself in a compromising condition (such as get-together of closed ones), these are some of the things you can do to ease the atmosphere.

Avoiding temptation to drink in social gatherings

  • Keep yourself accompanied with a trusted confidant.
  • Always go there with a drink devoid of alcohol to keep you busy.
  • Arrive later and/or leave earlier to shorten your stay at the party.
  • In cases where you find the urges to grow stronger, it is best to leave and find a sober place.

The Advantages To Be Derived From Getting And Staying Clean

Health is one of the primary benefits to keep yourself clean and sober. Embarking on a sober life is definitely worth the difficulty and the reasons go far beyond the physical benefits which will become attainable. One should maintain sobriety for these additional purposes

  • Make new, clean friends
  • Enjoying your financial wealth
  • Clarity in mind and new excitement for life
  • Improved energy to do more
  • Physical and mental improvements
  • Give new hope to other addicts who want to quit

Giving up an addiction, whether of alcohol or any other drug, is the most difficult thing. The devotion and struggle might be throughout one's life it is never simple and fast. Simply by making an effort to remain sober you will have acquired new strength by overcoming the problems that you thought you would not be able to achieve.

You must be willing to keep clean for you to be successful. Whenever a temptation beholds you strongly, divert your mind and focus on the reasons which encouraged you to become and stay sober in the first place.