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NHS Or Private Facility?

Private Rehab

Private residential facility is better treatment option for many people. In most cases, admission can be performed within a day. Admission into private rehab treatment program is made easy depending on the mode of payment through available funds from individual or insurance policy cover. There is as well a possibility that you get an NHS admission to a private rehabilitation centre.

Who Is Eligible To Apply For NHS Rehab Funding?

Addiction treatment option should be accessible to all the UK residents which is free at the point of delivery through the NHS at community based rehab or private residential Rehab. You may have to prove that you have explored local community-based treatment options first in order to qualify for NHS funding at a residential rehab clinic. Residential rehab session is only dependent upon willingness of your area addiction group to finance your treatment. It takes many weeks even months.

You can find your local liquor and drug treatment centre through your GP.

Pros And Cons

Private rehab

  • Relaxed treatment plan
  • Fast turnaround admission process within 24 hour duration.
  • All treatment on one site union of care and day by day schedule;
  • Privacy;
  • In the most cases, same staff and same therapist will be with patients during treatment;
  • So that patients can focus on recovery we will take place in a safe environment away from temptations and worries.
  • Strong bonds are formed with therapists and other patients in the therapeutic community;
  • Visiting accommodations are in some cases provided, visiting times and facilities to talk on the phone or get letters from loved ones;
  • Art, gym health and fitness exercise activities are included in the treatment program;
  • Aftercare programme;
  • Costs more than NHS rehab treatment program.
  • It can not recovered by medical insurance.

NHS rehab

  • Completely free;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Accessible to everyone;
  • It's local and therefore closer to your family and home;
  • Lengthy admissions process;
  • Won't not be referred to private recovery;
  • Different treatments might be provided at various clinics/facilities;
  • Therapy may be interrupted by life distractions and easily obtainable drugs and alcohol;
  • You get more limited access to personal therapist;
  • You may not have the same staff or same therapist during your rehabilitation process;
  • Building an outpatient support network may be more challenging.

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NHS Alternative Cross Border Rehab

It may take months in organising admission into a private rehab clinic via the UK NHS or local addiction services and the result is far from certain. Funding through the directives of the EU cross border healthcare can be much faster to access though.

You're eligible UK patient keen on quick admission process, get further procedure information from the Drug Rehab Sheffield website today.