Speed Addiction and Abuse in Sheffield South Yorkshire

What Is Speed In Sheffield?

Amphetamine Sulphate is classified as a Class B drug and is known as Speed in the streets. Other amphetamines also may be called speed.

Speed is a stimulant and is used by people to avoid sleep, for vigour and to maintain vigilance.

Speed has other main effects that include

  • Excitement, feeling high and talkative.
  • People use it as it provides them the ability to work or do things for hours without feeling exhausted, such as dancing, chatting, and taking part in social activities.
  • Speed may also cause people to become delusional sometimes, because of the hyperactivity of the mind that makes the person hallucinate.
  • The intoxication is usually followed by a long gradual comedown, making you so irascible and depressed.
  • Too much use of speed puts too much pressure on the heart causing heart disease. Speed overdose has been reported to result in fatalities.

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What Are The Consequences Of Speed To The People In Sheffield Who Use The Substance?

The user usually experiences a very high level of energy and on the flipside experiences moodiness and aggression when the effect is about to wear out.

Other Causes of Speed

  • Speed causes over wakefulness, electrifies people and make them gossipy.
  • Clubbers use it because it enables them dance without exhaustion
  • Loss of appetite (this sometimes find its way to diet pills due to this effect).
  • Speed can also leave users feeling panicked, agitated and psychotic attacks (referring to a mental state under which people see and hear non-existent things and hallucinations)

What Are The Dangers Of Using Speed In Sheffield ?

There are dangers associated with taking speed.

Some of those dangers are

  • In regard to the amount you have consumed, it can cause relaxing and sleeping problems.
  • The aftermath of the excitatory phase which takes a few days, users experience depression and are usually very weariness, making it hard to focus and comprehend.
  • Since speed strains the heart, persons with conditions such as heart problems and high blood pressure should avoid it at all costs - it has caused deaths to so many people.
  • Speed has been known to result to death if taken together with either alcohol or antidepressants.
  • Your immune system can be subjected to strong attacks if you take high doses of speed that affects diet and sleep - this could be in form of more sore throats, colds and flu. Speed can leave one feeling anxious, irritable, depressed, paranoid and aggressive and mental disorders like intense psychotic episodes ( which is a mental state characterised by hearing and seeing things that don't exist and hallucinations)
  • Infusion of speed is particularly deadly.
  • It's very easy to dose excessively while injecting.
  • The purity of speed is very questionable and thus other substances get your system in addition to amphetamine.
  • Injecting can also bring injuries to veins and arteries and may bring ulcers and even gangrene (that's when parts of the body begin to die).
  • During injection especially when sharing injection equipment such as syringes and needles, user's risk spreading HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis infections.