Oxycodone Addiction and Abuse in Sheffield South Yorkshire

Addiction And Abuse Of Oxycodone

Oxycodone can be found in various forms and it is a very strong painkiller that can be accessed with prescription and can also be very addictive substance.

Oxycodone is one of the most frequently abused drugs that are available through prescription and some of the common brand names include Oxycontin and Percocet. Oxycodone is an intense drug and mostly used to relieve a severe pain for people who suffer high amount of pain or are in concerning health condition. This is the reason why addiction to this particular drug can grow very rapidly.

You can save someone's life if you can recognize Oxycodone addiction in time.

Usually people first take the drug as prescribed by their doctor but soon start taking it in higher doses to experience the initial effects because they become tolerant to it.

The move from use to misuse and to addiction can be a snappy and perilous way. Oxycodone addiction, besides being expensive, is dangerous, even fatal.

The Declination Into Oxycodone Dependency

Irregular Consumption

  • Using larger doses than recommended of Oxycodone
  • Using the drug with friends
  • Using the drug to gain relief when feeling down
  • Feeling euphoric after taking it


  • Craving for Oxycodone to cope with personal issues
  • Requiring larger Oxycodone doses to feel high
  • Falling asleep or feeling lazy openly
  • Hiding the habit of Oxycodone use or feeling ashamed of it


  • Oxycodone use is a main priority above anything else
  • Putting yourself at grave risk without thinking about others
  • Battling financial issues because of Oxycodone use
  • Endangering relationships and health

A quality treatment program for relapse prevention and medically controlled detox is usually needed for serious Oxycodone addicts. You can call us to get help in finding the right treatment for you.

What Is Oxycodone And The Brands

Oxycodone is the intense essential component in numerous painkillers permitted to individuals experiencing moderate to serious torment. The pills which contain Oxycodone come in many forms, sizes, and colours, depending on the dose and the brand. Brand names of the most popular drugs having Oxycodone are Seek help right away if you or someone for whom you care is abusing Oxycodone. Call us on 0800 772 3971 to help beat your addiction.


Oxycontin is a standout amongst the most regularly mishandled physician recommended drugs. A person suffering from chronic pain will be relatively pain free for up to 12 hours due to the drug's controlled-release action. There are several ways of consuming Oxycontin. The most common way is by crushing the drug into powder, and then snort it. Other way is by dissolving the tablet in water, or by injecting the liquid. All these ways of consuming give the highest amount of desired effect from the drug.


Percocet is a blend of Oxycodone and Acetaminophen (the dynamic fixing in Tylenol). Percocet is a pain reliever and given to people suffering with severe or moderate pain. The most common way to take Percocet is by crushing and snorting it, quite similar with Oxycontin. Some people may also inject the drug, chew it, use it even after the prescription period or use more of the drug than was prescribed and all this constitutes abuse.


Roxicodone releases Oxycodone immediately. This is a common presurgery medication that is used to calm or sedate patients. This drug leads to a very fast high when abused by addicts. Roxicodone is frequently squashed or melted in order to be abused by inhaling or injecting.

Other common names for Oxycodone drug are oxy, OC's, Oxycet, Oxycontin, hillbilly Heroin, killers, percs, and roxi's.

Oxycodone might be prescribed on a short-term basis for patients that had surgery or trauma, but also to those that fight cancer or arthritis. When Oxycodone is prescribed, the intention is usually to provide relief all the time.

Oxycodone contains modified thebaine which is an organic chemical in opium. Oxycodone belongs to the same class as Heroin, Morphine, and Codeine because of its nature as an opioid. Oxycodone is a scheduled II drug. This classification signifies that while the drug is used medically, the chances of its abuse are high. Oxycodone abuse includes taking it in higher doses or for longer period of time or in a manner different than advised by a medical professional.

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Effects Of Oxycodone Abuse

Taking larger doses than prescribed or even using Oxycodone without a prescription is considered abuse. Oxycodone produces a high, and that's why most abusers abuse it. Oxycodone is an opiate just like Heroin and that's why the effects of both are almost the same.

With roughly 32 million medicines written in 2011 for Percocet alone, the wide utilize and acknowledgment of Oxycodone is clear. Some of them maybe don't realize how dangerous that is, while others have formed a tolerance.

These are the effects caused by Oxycodone

  • Joyfulness
  • Less anxiety
  • Self confidence
  • Relaxing

The problem of Oxycodone abuse is not easy to deal with since use of painkillers is not usually seen as a problem by many people. The problem is made harder to identify where people may be using valid prescriptions to get the drug which they later abuse. It's only when the drug starts to have serious negative effects on a person that the problem may become obvious.

Combining Oxycodone And Other Drugs

Combining Oxycodone and alcohol is very dangerous. Both of them have a depressing effect on the central nervous system and that's why, when taken together, they are extremely dangerous, even fatal. This combination will slow down the breathing, and it may even push it down to the fatal level. The risk of suffering severe brain damage is very high when you take Oxycodone with alcohol and there's also a chance of overdose.

Moreover, individuals dependent on Oxycodone likewise usually abuse Marijuana, Benzodiazepines and stimulants. Oxycodone addicts often use other drugs with Oxycodone to increase or reduce the intensity of its effects.

Many Oxycodone users eventually turn to Heroin. That is because Heroin is less pricey and easier to acquire substance that has alike effects in the case when Oxycodone addicts fail to get their prescriptions.

Facts And Figures Related To Oxycodone Misuse

People abuse Oxycodone even when they know it is very dangerous and some even mix it with alcohol.