Crack Cocaine Addiction and Abuse in Sheffield South Yorkshire

Looking Deeper Into Crack Cocaine

Cocaine is one of the most dangerous drugs to experiment with because one can get hooked from the very first hit.

Crack Cocaine is a hard white coloured mineral-like drug. This is how you make crack Cocaine. You mix the Cocaine powder with baking soda or ammonia. After that, the mixture will turn into something like "rocks". That "rocks" is what we call crack Cocaine. Some crack users heat the substance with aluminium foil or soda cans, although crack is mostly vaporized in a glass pipe.

The sound made when heating the drug is what gave rise to its name 'crack'. Crack is also called base, hardball, hail, sleet and rock to mention a few.

It is urgently recommended for you to report to us if you know a friend or loved one who is battling crack Cocaine abuse.

Crack abuse refers to the use of this prohibited substance regardless of frequency and instance. The high from crack is potent and felt right away because it is inhaled rather than sniffed, which makes it travel to the brain much faster. It's feel-good effect is however fleeting.

Crack Cocaine is a highly risky drug because of its potency which makes lethal overdose a real possibility. There is no scale as how much is too much, hence even when experimenting one may easily overdoes.

These are the effects of crack Cocaine

  • Intense happiness
  • Over activity
  • Anxiety
  • Inclination to talk more than usual
  • Over inflated confidence

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It was mentioned before that the 'high' moment by crack Cocaine lasts for a short time. Users tend to increase the dose in order the make it last longer. This particular act can cause an overdose to users.

Widened pupils and perspiration are good indicators of an on coming overdose. The other usual immediate effects of smoking crack like anxiety, aggressive behaviour or even seizure are exhibited before an overdose. Furthermore, Inhaling it poses an even greater danger for those who suffer from hypertension and kidney failure.

Crack Dependency

Standard Cocaine is less habit-forming and does not affect the mind and body the way crack does. Most people get addicted to crack Cocaine since the very first try. Moreover, the addiction grows very fast within them. In a very short time, crack Cocaine becomes the main need to them. The effect of crack Cocaine is very intense. It gives a very pleasing effect to the users. However, it lasts only for a very short time. Therefore, many people need higher dose of crack Cocaine to keep the effect going. With every passing day, the addicts need crack just to stay normal and that means that dependency has evolved.

When the addiction grows within users, the dose of the crack Cocaine they need will always grow each passing day. They need more of crack Cocaine to be able to feel the effects. Thus, when crack Cocaine addicts try to leave their addiction, it is very difficult as they will struggle with the withdrawal symptoms. The brain eventually loses its ability to naturally produce dopamine (a chemical the brain produces to make a person feel happy) because it will rely on the crack to force-release excess amounts of dopamine.

It becomes difficult to stop using because the user experiences powerful urges to use and the desperate need to avoid the withdrawal symptoms. Crack addicts think that they lead a normal healthy life hence never seek help on their own.

How One Starts Using Crack

It doesn't happen often that person's first drug of choice is crack. It is the people who have already developed a dependency on standard Cocaine who mostly turn to crack. Crack costs a lot less than standard Cocaine, which is known as the substance of choice for the wealthy. Because of its affordable price, it gives access to many people to get it. Many people who are addicted to drugs are having financial issues because most substances are expensive. Crack is surely 'a saviour' for those addicts who are struggling financially. At a glance crack is cheap but in real sense given the number of hits an addict needs to survive there is nothing economical to it.

How One Starts Using Statistics

Due to its illicit nature, figures of crack Cocaine cases are mostly based on surveys and estimation.

Freedom From Crack Cocaine Addiction

Proper treatment can help bring an addict's brain into normal, healthy state the same way that crack previously wired it's brain to feel that the only life enjoyment can be found in the crack. Act now and take the initial decisive step to regain your life!