Cannabis Addiction and Abuse in Sheffield South Yorkshire

Getting Familiar With Cannabis

Over 4 million people in the US are reportedly Cannabis addicts. As far as illegal drugs go, this is the most commonly abused.

This drug is obtained from cannabis plant. The Cannabis plant is firstly dried out, grounded up and then smoked in paper or pipes like cigarette or tobacco pipes. Edible is other available form of Cannabis.

Edibles are foods infused with cannabis, mainly presented as baked goods and candies that provide users a similar effects as smoking it.

a substance concentrated from the plant called resin produces a strong and elevated feeling. More popularly called "dabs", this substance may be in a dense liquid form, a semisolid form, or a solid form whose vapours are then inhaled. Wax, budder and shatter are other names for dabs.

In certain states Cannabis is used for medical purposes and it is also used to get a high. Doctors prescribe Cannabis for providing relief from pain, improving appetite, and reducing stress. People also use it for relaxation and achieving a high. Pot, dope, ganja, grass, maryjane, reefer and weed are the name of Cannabis.

There have been many laws that have been passed in relation to the use of this drug in the past. Today's the confusion of reality and risks of Cannabis have mixed feelings and misinformation.

Cannabis Addiction And Effects

Cannabis acts on the central nervous system and produces changes in brain function. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the chemical that causes most of the drugs' effects.

Different users experience different effects depending on how the substance is consumed. Ingesting the drug produces intoxication that lasts longer than smoking it although it also takes effect much more slowly.

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Cannabis dabs contain a higher concentration of THC and that's why they produce a high even quicker than smoking cannabis and this high can last for a few hours. Among the effects of Cannabis, we can find

  • Feelings of happiness
  • Mild hallucinations
  • Higher appetite levels
  • Decreased stress

The only drug that results in more visits to emergency rooms than Cannabis is Cocaine and this is despite the fact that there is no risk of overdosing on cannabis. The reason for high-rate of emergency room visitation is attributed to the accidents resulting because of being intoxicated after taking Cannabis.

Growing Thc Quantity In Cannabis

Compared to the 1960s, the amount of THC in Cannabis that is available nowadays is higher by as much as 300 percent in some cases. The risk of accidents due to intoxication as well as dependency on the drug increases with higher concentration of THC in Cannabis.

Addiction from Cannabis can be medically analysed and impacts negatively on the life of the user.

Cannabis Addiction

Many people become psychologically dependent on Cannabis in the same manner others develop a psychological dependency on other drugs. Chronic Use of Cannabis effects the brain's dopamine levels, decreasing the natural production of the neurochemical.

In order to maintain its normality, the victim's brain is programmed in such a way that it requires more of the cannabis stuff. When Cannabis is taken, the person feels happy because dopamine levels rise, but soon its level diminish. A sure-sign of Cannabis addiction is inability to quit it even when you want to.

Personal life of anyone can also be affected by the Cannabis drug. The more symptoms and problems related to Cannabis are

  • Problems with the law
  • Lack of interest in school
  • Problems at work places
  • Reduction in learning activities and impaired memory

Continuing using Cannabis in spite of it causing problems in your personal sign is also a sure-sign of cannabis addiction. In this case, it is critically vital to get acquainted with the signs and consequences of falling victim to Cannabis addiction.

Cannabis And Other Addictions

Cannabis has been recognised as a Gateway Drug because dabbling with it often leads to use of gateway drugs such as Cocaine. It becomes a acuity that Cannabis is a gateway drug because teenagers use cannabis and they probably try different things with different drugs. According to statistics, there are increased cases of Cannabis abuse among teenagers in the US. In future, teenagers who are using Cannabis or anything else have the higher rate of developing the addiction.

Statistics Of Cannabis Abuse

Treating Cannabis Addiction

A person who has developed a dependency on Cannabis may find it very hard to stop using without assistance. Seeking help if you are a Cannabis addict is a smart option. Discussing your predicament with your counsellor and visiting support a support group are considered as the best options to medication. You can find out more by getting in touch with us today 0800 772 3971.